An Amorous Discourse in the Suburbs of Hell


All lemon linen and lipstick
I want to die for you
All wonderful and winged and leaking
That smile
Let me in
Want to
Walk through snow storms
Burning for you
Peeling oranges for you
Shimmering and
Shivering my

Who are you

A dystopian philosophical poem about individual freedom and the search for the good life.

“Levy just gets it entirely – the whole business of drab and yet compelling routine, and the fear of the inestimable, the longing nonetheless, the surrender each day to the ordinary, dispersing the dream, only to dream it again. An Amorous Discourse in the Suburbs of Hell encapsulates all of this, redeems the crumpled weary mortal, sends him into a wild realm of uncertainty, satirises him, lavishes him with affection. A crazily beautiful, astonishing, original work of art” –  Joanna Kavenna.

Published by & Other Stories, 2014

Agent: Sarah Chalfant